Handling pet disputes in condos


Case underscores how careful owners should be when choosing their tenants Tuesday, September 13, 2022 By Inderpreet Suri, originally posted on reminetwork.com A national survey from Narrative Research, conducted in November 2021, found about three million pets joined Canadian homes during the pandemic, with Ontario at the top of that…

Update on Expiry Date of Temporary Virtual Meeting Provisions


The temporary suspension period for certain temporary legislative provisions permitting corporations governed under the Business Corporations Act,1990 (OBCA), Corporations Act, 1990 (CA), Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 (ONCA), Co-operative Corporations Act, 1990 (CCA) and Condominium Act, 1998 (Condo Act) to call and hold meetings virtually, is currently set to expire on…

Electrical Vehicle Chargers – Some Special Considerations


August 4, 2022 | James Davidson | dhacondolaw.ca   By way of recap, the regulations under the Condominium Act are designed to facilitate approval for EV Chargers and charging systems. See our previous blogs (dated March 29, 2018 and March 17, 2022) for more information.  Very briefly: After providing 60 days’ notice to the owners, a condominium…

Human Trafficking


July 21, 2022 - By Shannon Penney and Patricia Elia - Elia Associates PC Condominium Lawyers Section 279.01(1) of the Criminal Code explains that human trafficking involves the recruiting, transporting, transferring, receiving, holding, concealing or harbouring a person, or exercising control, direction, or influence over the movements of a person, for the…

Detoxifying the condo manager’s workplace


Recent court decisions denounce owners’ abusive behaviour Wednesday, July 13, 2022 | By Juliet Atha | reminetwork.com It’s hard to imagine that there’s a condo manager anywhere in Ontario who would describe their job as easy. The breadth and depth of knowledge required to do the job well are astounding.…

Recent Helpful Decision of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Respecting Service Animals


July 19, 2022 | James Davidson | dhacondolaw.ca Condominium corporations are required to accommodate the human rights needs of their residents (to the point of undue hardship).  So for example, this might mean that a service animal might have to be exempted from any “no pets” provision in a condominium’s governing documents.…

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