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Noise and the Jurisdiction of the CAT

September 6, 2023 | James Davidson | dhacondolaw.ca In the case of Reany v. Waterloo Standard Condominium Corporation No. 670, the CAT was asked to deal with a complaint about excessive noise coming from the common element gym, located on the same floor as the complainant’s unit. The condominium corporation argued that the Tribunal did not have […]

Condominium Authority Tribunal Holds That Dog Is Not a Service Animal

Article replublished from dhacondolaw.ca | from January 6th 2023 by James Davidson In the case of Waterloo North Condominium Corporation No. 70 v. Sinyard, the condominium corporation sought an order for the removal of a dog. The corporation had two reasons: The dog exceeded the weight limit (9 kg / 20 lbs) in the condominium corporation’s […]