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Shining Sunlight on Mental Health When and How to Help

COVID aside, our country’s mental health crisis continues to escalate, and we have many people living in condos without a support network to assist them. This, in turn, impacts both the communities in which they reside and the manager assigned to help that community function efficiently. Chemical imbalances in the brain can be caused by […]

COVID-19 in Condos: Winter is coming…

COVID-19 during winter: 8 things you can do to mentally prepare SPEAKING OF HEALTH –  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2020 Winter can be a difficult time for some people. Long, dark days coupled with cold weather and social isolation can lead to feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression. The coming winter could be especially difficult as infectious […]

Behind the Mask (in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association)

MCRS was a proud sponsor of the first-ever Behind the Mask live music and masquerade fundraiser in support of community-based mental health held on February 22nd at Deerhurst Resort. Behind the Mask featured upbeat and positive music from artists who have powerful messages about mental health. This was the first fundraiser of its kind for […]