Property Management for Condominium Boards

MCRS is a CMRAO licensed provider as prescribed by the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015.

We offer hourly and packaged, short term, contract consulting to Condominium Directors that is a melange of support strategies to help keep goals identified and in focus.

Emergency response service is essential to provide not only the mitigation that is appropriate in relation to property damage claims but also the peace of mind that residents in our managed communities are entitled to, and expect. Twenty-four hour emergency on call service is available to best protect not only our managed properties but also our client’s home environment.

Collection of common element expenses and a range of other accounting related services are arranged for each client to reflect the desire of some Treasurers to be hands on while others prefer familiar bookkeepers or to simply receive monthly statements for review. The possibilities are limitless due to our customized service packages.

Tendering of major projects is handled cooperatively with architects, engineers, consultants and others to ensure that market rates are achieved while maintaining the property in a condition conducive to maintaining or increasing unit values. Our firm believes that curb appeal is just as essential in multi unit properties as it is in detached properties. We are continuously, therefore, seeking options to improve appearance or functionality instead of merely maintaining and repairing. Functionality can be improved through careful consideration and review of how properties are actually used, or lived in.

Contract administration services are performed to ensure that trades perform as promised. Supervision of trades is most effective with clear expectations established and enforced in a straightforward manner. Good trades appreciate our experience with, and understanding of, unforeseen hurdles and we openly communicate to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget as much as possible.

The Declaration, Bylaws, Rules and Board Policies set the stage for how each condominium community operates. Our firm’s communication oriented management style allows for enforcement in a constructive manner that seeks to educate residents on not only what their condominium documents require but, most importantly, why. Living in a condominium home is rewarding on many levels that can be easily marred if residents feel they are being told what to do, when and how without easy to understand information about why certain behaviours are simply not conducive to community living.

Board Meetings are the decision-making hub of every condominium corporation. We encourage client boards to consider their condominium as a business and apply sound management techniques. A unique, customized, indexed minutes record is one of the operational tools that we provide which is a prerequisite for effective site operations. Board Meeting calendars are established annually with each client board and at least one of our management team is always in attendance at every board meeting. Board Reports are issued well in advance of board meetings, both electronically and in hard copy, to reflect each director’s preference. Volunteer directors need not be concerned about extra duties as we strive to reduce the workload and provide sound decision-making platforms.

Recording secretarial service is available upon request for Board and Owner Meetings.

Pre lien notices and form 14’s are handled as needed in cooperation with each Board’s solicitor of record. Every attempt is made, however, to work with owners and help them find ways to keep their common element fees paid rather than face the extra costs applicable to arrears, which are substantial.

Status certificates provide a snapshot of each condominium corporation’s profile upon which buyers and mortgagors rely when making financial decisions.

Property inspection services are performed regularly in accordance with client contracts. Customized inspection templates for each property set the stage for thorough site reviews and monitoring. We encourage, however, residents, regular trades and board directors to advise quickly of issues they may notice. Live in superintendents are not ‘the norm’ in Muskoka and we do appreciate resident participation via phone or email messages to alert us and keep us up to date at all times.

Newsletters are popular with residents as communication is the cornerstone of great communities. We invite residents to participate in this communicative gateway by sending in ideas, complaints and tips that help us create a rewarding and cooperative living environment that is mutually beneficial.