MCRS operates two ‘sister’ divisions with each serving separate property management industries. The MCRS condominium division is a CMRAO licensed provider as prescribed by the Condominium Management Services Act. The MCRS rental division provides rental and commercial property management services.

Carefree professional condominium property management service packages are customized to meet the property/resident specific needs. Each property is unique. Every condominium board is unique. All people are unique, making tailored services essential for each one of our clients alongside an ability to evolve in partnership with our condominium communities over time.

The duties of volunteer Condominium Board Directors are cumbersome. Self-managing Condominium Boards work hard and are often unappreciated. We strive to ease the burden 24/7. One neighbor, who is a Director, asking another neighbor to abide a Rule is difficult and generally creates disharmonious community relationships. As a Property Manager, we provide the buffer that is essential as we can easily explain what is needed, why and when in a non-confrontational and business-like manner that maintains valuable neighborly relationships.

Rental property management, while sharing some of the same day to day to do items as condominium property management, is based on different priorities set by both landlords and tenants to ensure the success of both. Client real estate investors focus on return on their investment and tenants in Ontario have entitlements that are tightly protected under the Residential Tenancies Act and require, therefore, careful attention daily to ensure rights and focal points are equally considered. Tenants seeking their next rental home are invited to apply online and join the popular MCRS Wait List, at no fee, to await an offer to join the MCRS umbrella of well managed rental homes in the future.

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