Residential Rental Management

MCRS Property Management offers multi-unit residential property management for landlords in the Muskoka area.

Our dedicated team of property management professionals follows our company motto – we treat your home like our own. This guiding motif produces an added level of attention to ensure that your tenants, and your investment, are handled with the highest possible level of attention to detail. The management of residential real estate investments requires a superior level of expertise to ensure success. Tenant management, legislation affecting rental homes, tenant screening, rent collection skills and more are key to increasing return on investment - which is always a key goal for investors. Accessing a solid trade base under the MCRS relationships developed over time is a key benefit to adding your property to the MCRS residential team management umbrella.

Landlords with a minimum of eight (8) units at one site are invited to arrange an appointment to discuss goals and develop long term strategies with MCRS. From rent collection and bill payments to repairs and maintenance and conflict resolution – we are here to help. Vacant rental units cost a landlord in lost revenue, but so too do bad tenants. Let us help navigate this nuanced process of tenant acquisition and management with patience, intuition, and knowledge acquired over 30 years of experience with tenants.

Allow MCRS to assist with the daily management of your rental portfolio – we are on call, so you don’t have to be! Get in touch to find out how we can help today.