Renovation Request Form

Please enter any applicable details, YOU WILL RECEIVE a copy of this form after submitting to your email. Please respond to this email with any applicable trade licenses, copies of trade insurance and WSIB, any drawings, etc.


  • Please be sure to book the elevator for service mode well in advance of all trade use and deliveries so that a volunteer can be arranged and the elevator can be padded (information is available from MCS on the elevator booking process and acceptable hours of service use)
  • All construction debris must be removed from the property. Any construction materials that are disposed of in the corporation garbage/recycle room will be removed at the expense of the suite owner and additional fees will apply.

I understand that approval from the Board of Directors could take up to two (2) weeks, and is subject to verification that these proposed renovations comply with all the Rules, Regulations and By-Laws in place for the above said location.

Yours Truly,

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