Debbie Dale, MCRS Property Management

2020 … the year of perfect vision? Sounds great! As we race into 2020 amidst rapid industry growth opportunities, this is an ideal time to reflect backwards, just briefly, into 2019. Our CCI Chapter faced some curves on the condo racetrack in 2019. A major undertaking was the complete revamp of our website into a new platform that is both user friendly in appearance and content, providing resources more readily to web users. CCI, at a national level, has recently developed an amazing ‘Resource Centre’ which we expect to roll out very soon in Huronia.

Condominium Boards and CCI Chapter Boards share many similarities. We are all volunteers dedicating precious time and limited resources for the greater good of our communities. Not for profit Boards inevitably experience turnover with time and, just as in Condominium Boards, we at CCI Huronia have come through some changes of late that are worth sharing. At the national level, CCI has entered a strategic planning phase that is both noteworthy and well timed. If we reach out for your input as part of our survey processes, please join in to help us create the CCI of your future. We’ve come a long way, baby, from 1982!

After several years as President, Patricia Elia has retired (only as our President!) and continues, in her usual diligent fashion, to tackle a key role in our Board Team as Chair of Government Relations. Reaching out to the government at various levels, Patricia is well suited to this new role and we are most appreciative of her leadership in the past as our President and the expertise she will bring to this new position.

Our Chapter, YOUR Chapter, has some dynamic condo enthusiasts offering years of experience as directors. Check us out at

Facebook anyone? Huronia’s own Ashley Lamb has been spearheading the campaign to increase our Chapter’s online social media presence. You may have recently noticed some funny shots of our busy team in various meetings. Thank you, Ashley – your patience and willingness to assist in helping our members “get online” has been essential! Visit, like, share and read along at your leisure after a quick search to find us at CCI-Huronia.

Richard Murray has spurred the CondoStrength program in Barrie from infancy to the fast lane and has been a solid source of forward thinking as our Chapter looks ahead to handle the ‘director to director sharing platform’ over time. Richard is embracing new avenues presently and has turned over the reins to Joanne Gates and Vic Howarth, two other Chapter directors who are also Condominium Board directors. We wish Richard success in his new ventures and hope that he will remain a familiar face to us all!

Amid all of these changes, I have entered the role of President and look forward to keeping the future rosy while working with a team of fellow condominium industry professionals who share so willingly of themselves. From all of us to all of you, thank you for your continued partnership and sharing of your time with us.

Check out our two-day Directors Course on April 18 and 19 if you need to be ‘in the know.’ Register online at Enjoy 2020!!

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