First and foremost, we send positivity and our very best wishes to everyone. Life is invaluable and our time together is precious. United, we stand.

COVID-19 has taught some invaluable lessons about life, causing us each to re-evaluate, re-structure and ultimately re-deploy into a new way of living, being and behaving – both individually and as a society. Taking the lessons learned and struggles faced to craft a better future is an opportunity. Analyzing our learned lessons during a pandemic, or in the future, is a task that needs to be performed in order to realize some level of purpose in having journeyed through this time in history.

Some condominium dwellers dutifully abided the ‘stay at home’ guidelines, signs at their properties and health industry recommendations along with careful self-isolation. Others did not. For managers, trades performing essential work in common elements (such as Ontario Fire Code required processes), Boards and vulnerable residents who are entitled to even more care than usual, the deliberations as to how to preserve rights and life itself became complex, at best, giving rise to the need for analysis and quick decisions. Shake, rattle and roll – indeed.

Expert condominium specialty lawyers, engineers, accountants and others were literally set upon by many seeking advice and ideas in without precedent circumstances. In a response to the info seeking quest, CCI Huronia quickly launched a Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. series of webinars dedicated specifically to the corona virus and condominium focussed areas of concern/need. The webinar attendance continues to rapidly rise alongside the very apparent appeal of this info sharing format. Sonja Hodis of Hodis Law was at the helm of our new online platform working diligently on mastering Zoom, online host skills, agenda preparations and working with speakers in advance. Thanks for the high level of sharing, caring and dedication, Sonja. And a big thanks as well to Ashley Winberg of Elia Associates for diligently orchestrating this newsletter in fine form.

The webinars created an opportunity to bring together CCI Chapters from other parts of Ontario which expands the volume and level of expertise we can bring to members, and future members. With just a phone or any computer, laptop, Ipad or similar device, you can access these live webinars easily from the comfort of your own favourite chair at home. Invite your friends. No fees! Registration is simple and easy through our modern website under the Events tab or you are invited to call or email our Administrator, Geri, and she will guide you along in her usual supportive style.

We have linked the exciting, recently launched, national Resource Center to our website, as well.

CCI – all the way across Canada – continues to expand the resource platform to ensure that CCI maintains our vision in providing education, information, awareness and access to expertise. Coast to Coast, we are and will remain your condo connection. Membership is easy, affordable and will provide more benefit than you may now realize. Join us today! Now is the time for change and forward action.

Debbie Dale
President, CCI Huronia


CCI Huronia 2020 Spring Newsletter