MCRS Property Manager, Kirsten Dale, was a speaker in this week’s COVID Webinar put on by the Huronia Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute. She joined to share some new ideas on maintaining and building condominium communities during COVID.

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CCI Huronia – Webinar Recordings – Week 7

COVID 19 Webinar #7 – A Discussion with Condo Experts on How to Handle This Crisis in Your Condo

May 5, 2020

  1. Virtual Owner Meetings and Electronic Voting – A Manager’s Perspective – Pam Smuts
  2. Virtual Owner Meetings and Electronic Voting – A Lawyer’s Perspective – Patricia Elia
  3. Virtual Board Meetings – Tips and Tricks – Rafal Dyrda
  4. Lines of Credit – A Financing Option – Ryan Griffiths
  5. Liens During COVID – Why you need a Policy – Rob Mullin
  6. Dealing with Acute Stress in Light of Lifestyle Changes – Alison Bradley
  7. Funding for Small Business During Pandemic- Blair Spinney
  8. Maintaining Communities – Some New Ideas – Kirsten Dale

Guests from CCI Grand River Chapter – Pam Smuts and Rob Mullin