MCRS President, Debbie Dale, was one of the managers asked recently to send in their comments on what has been learned from the coronavirus thus far…Check out her comments below, along with a link to the complete article.

“Life in condominium communities took an unforeseen twist, leaving corporations without the control mechanisms needed within each condominium or strata’s own governing documents. While in Ontario Section 117 of the Condominium Act, 1998, offered some ability to restrict common element access, there was not a clear sense of being able to ‘completely take control and take charge within defined boundaries, which may have been of great value to high-intensity living environments. Perhaps, if we had a specific ‘disaster rule,’ then residents would have stayed within already defined boundaries. Instead, we were faced with having to create boundaries that some objected to—rather firmly. How often does a resident really need to take their recycling out? Some did so several times a day as a form of exercise. Such a rule, set by the Board of Directors in a time of calm, would allow owners to carefully consider the needs of the community over the demands and perceived entitlements of the few.”