How can I give back during the holidays and COVID?

That is a question worth asking!

Unfortunately, many of the usual ways of giving back during the holidays are restricted this year thanks to COVID. But that does not mean that one is without the opportunity to…

Think of your fellow man
Lend him a helping hand
Put a little love in your heart

So, to get the ball rocking and rolling, here are 4 ideas on how you can give back this year without even leaving your condo!

1. Send holiday cards to strangers

Send a Holiday Card to one of your local retirement homes. Many residents will not receive cards for a variety of reasons, so why not send a little unexpected joy to someone this holiday season?

2. Support a Virtual Shoebox Campaign

This year instead of collecting and packing items and sending them away, organizers like The Shoebox Project for Women and Operation Christmas Child have orchestrated virtual shoebox campaigns to ensure that they are still able to distribute gift-filled shoeboxes to those in need during COVID.

3. Donate some time to chat with a senior

Have some time to spare? Often that can make more of an impact than money! There are organizations that can hook you up with a few lonely folks looking for someone to have a phone visit with. CHATS (Community and Home Assistance to Seniors) and Chatting to Wellness are just two of a number of organizations that help connect volunteers to seniors.

4. Fundraise to purchase food for your local foodbank

Did you know that for just $200 you can buy a 600lb skid of food for your local food bank! That’s A LOT of food. Don’t have that much handy to spare right now? Put up a post on social media to let your friends and family know you are fundraising to donate back to your local food bank and ask those that are wanting to contribute to send you a message.