On Saturday, February 20th the Coldest Night of the Year walk went virtual!

The Coldest Night of the Year is a winter fundraiser to help the hungry, hurting and homeless in our local community. Kirsten and Stephanie of MCRS have joined their good friend Katy McGregor and participated in the annual event since its inception in Huntsville, Ontario – but this year’s walk was extra special … not only was it cold and dark outside – but the girls of the WALKING COLD WARRIORS were walking ALONE.

Under ordinary circumstances, all walkers gather together and descend on the streets of Huntsville and complete their mapped walk route together. But this year’s walk, as a result of COVID, was very different.

This year the girls walked alone on a quiet road. This is a big deal because, believe it or not – a significant portion of our world must walk this far, or further, alone and cold in the dark every day to access food. Can you imagine that??

Thank you to all of our residents, trades, family and friends for their support this year (and every year).

This year’s goal for Huntsville in support of our local food bank (The Table Soup Kitchen and Foodbank) was $45,000 and we collectively raised over $57,000!!!

Together the WALKING COLD WARRIORS raised over $7,600 themselves. The team ranked second in contributions raised of the 24 teams that participated this year with Katy and Kirsten sitting in the second and third spots for individual walker contributions raised. Way to go, ladies!

Coldest Night of the Year – Huntsville Result

The Table Foundation