The latest edition of CCI Huronia’s “Condo Buzz” newsletter is out now.

MCRS President and CCI Huronia Chapter President, Debbie Dale, has written an inspiring President’s Message to help keep us smiling as we wind our way out of the Covid-doldrums.

Presidents Message

Springing forward into life after COVID 19 (C-19) hits our minds like springing onto a moving target causing us to feel as if we are jumping from one floating lily pad to the next floating pad, with no certainty that dry land and stability ‘Post C-19’ really does exist. Nevertheless, human wisdom and endurance stands tall just as strong perpetual reeds and granite stone along shorelines proving that life really is indestructible and resilient. As are we.

In this edition, you will read about “better human beings” and “three pillars of optimal health” from our carefully selected writers who share of themselves in sending forth messages of value and
encouragement. Bless each one, our growing membership and our dedicated volunteer CCI Boards in all parts of Canada who are diligently working forward, with much grace. Check us out at

Condo world has evolved amidst C-19 challenges and we have made great strides. There is a keen awareness now as to what it really means to live in, use and consider shared living spaces. A year ago, the ride in the elevator to your suite or a walk through the halls was different. Remember when? We were unmasked, unafraid and somewhat unfamiliar with the characteristics of many physical spaces shared with our fellow residents. We learned to reduce touching even one elevator button or door handle and paused to evaluate in advance of hopping onto an already occupied elevator. Here we are – on the other side, almost.

We have learned to take care, read signs, pause before charging ahead and stay distant yet feel some sense of joy at times in just seeing another set of eyes above a mask in our carefully approached community worlds. Remaining home has led to change (CHANGE) which is, in and of itself, a cornerstone of life. Wise folks declare, while becoming older and even wiser, that the hardest journeys yield the most powerful lessons. I agree and hope you can see the merit in the attitude of this live-love-laugh and learn perspective.

Condominium structures evolve with time, as well, and newbies continue to be built while the preteens, teens and golden oldies anticipate what lies ahead. Reserve fund planners are taxed with new determinations as labour and material costs escalate. A 2x4x8 in spruce cost about $3 not that long ago. Currently the search is on at $8 to just find that same single piece of building material. Gas at $1 a litre disappeared and $1.30 is pretty well the new normal – for now. Real estate markets are soaring, and the change brought about as a result of forced, learned, and now preferred remote work environments is visible. Will we go back? For many, definitely not. Our condominium homes adapt perfectly to work from home spaces, and many theorize that an easier ‘life-work-play-chill balance’ is attainable from our cozy condominiums.

CCI Huronia embarked, admittedly with some trepidation, into virtual offerings in March 2020. We are so thankful for the positive feedback from the many webinars and our ability to find a way to serve during hardship. CCI prides itself as a condominium support system. We will set sail, with less trepidation this time, into our maiden virtual ‘Two Day Condominium Course for Directors (& Others)’ on April 24 and 25. Our Board chose to keep costs lower than ever and the event sponsors have stepped forward to lend the needed helping hands. Even if you already know everything about condominiums, please consider passing along this invaluable learning opportunity to those you know who share the desire to grow, change and learn. Or perhaps our June ‘Wine & Wisdom’ chat is more suited to you and your friends? Either way, please review and share the opportunities. Visit:

I will close with a bit of a twist and say welcome! Welcome to our Spring/Summer 2021 CCI Huronia Newsletter filled with ideas, inspiration, and invitations to connect plus learn. Please accept our warm best wishes for you, your families, and your shared condominium communities – with positive views toward life post C-19. Enjoy the read and pssst, yes, YOU, pass it along and pay it forward, please. It takes a village. Cheers!

Debbie Dale
President, CCI Huronia

CCIH Spring 2021 Newsletter – Beyond Covid 19