The latest edition of CCI Huronia’s “Condo Buzz” newsletter is out now.

MCRS President and CCI Huronia Chapter President, Debbie Dale, has written an inspiring President’s Message to help get us into summer mode!

President’s Message

As we embrace the fantastic northern Ontario summer weather, landscape and opportunities for travel and adventure, this is a fitting time to be reflective. Since March 2020, our condo and the non-condo world have been enveloped in a pandemic that seems to move about with a life cycle of its own creating ongoing angst with controlled lockdowns, shut-downs, rules, restrictions, guidelines, and more data announced daily than the average person has time to consider let alone fully comprehend. A condo owner last week referred to the pandemic as a battle between unseen forces requiring unsuspecting human troops to rally from day to day with no target upon which to aim for and place a flag. Seems like a good description!

Condominium community leaders have made their presence known, stepped up and continue to do so daily. It is a remarkable evolution of inspiring shared living environment triumphs that rise continuously. So, on that note, let’s take a moment to say thanks to the volunteer directors, committee members, mask sign posters, hand sanitizing station fillers, cleaners, concierge, trades
and your entire condo community for the efforts made and considerations afforded.

Now, more than ever, we need to stand strong and have faith that we are resilient, empowered through unity and destined to succeed. On behalf of the CCI Huronia Board of Directors, our Chapters across Canada and all those who support CCI, please accept our best wishes for a frivolity-filled summer of outdoor enjoyment the likes of which may furnish the impetus to appreciate our great outdoors just a little bit more. Be well and give care!

Debbie Dale
President, CCI Huronia