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Labour shortages, supply chain challenges endure

Check out another recent publication penned by MCRS manager Kirsten Dale for Condo Business magazine about the continued impact of COVID on the condominium management industry. Labour shortages, supply chain challenges endure The current wait time for some appliances is eight months or more Wednesday, December 8, 2021 By Kirsten Dale – Remi Network   […]

Coping in Condos… What managers have learned from the coronavirus so far

MCRS President, Debbie Dale, was one of the managers asked recently to send in their comments on what has been learned from the coronavirus thus far…Check out her comments below, along with a link to the complete article. “Life in condominium communities took an unforeseen twist, leaving corporations without the control mechanisms needed within each […]

Analysis: Who should bear the costs of condo manager licensing?

Recently MCRS company president, Debbie Dale, undertook an analysis for Condo Business Magazine pertaining to condo manager licensing fees. With the enhancement of the Condominium Act and the introduction of the Condominium Management Services Act, Ontario condo owners, condo managers and management firms are facing new expenses that fall outside of existing budgets. Check out the […]

What’s new in ‘Condo World’? LOTS!

What’s New in ‘CONDO WORLD’ this year?? LOTS!! New Condo Law Changes: Condo Act – These changes include increased protections for condo owners, including improvements to how condos in Ontario are governed and greater transparency and accountability of condo boards. Condo Authority Tribunal – This new regulation will support the establishment of the Condominium Authority […]

Bill 106 – Legislative Changes Seminar: Part 1 (May 17/17)

Interested in the changes coming to condo world with the new legislature? This upcoming session offered by CCI Huronia is a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the changes to come. Registration is open now but limited! Contact to register.

Mandatory Director Training is Coming – Are you ready?

Mandatory Director Training is just one of the changes all of the new legislation will bring into effect in “Condo World” over the months to come. Have you signed up for training yet?